3 Things That I Learnt From Gardening

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

photo credit: Unsplash

I have a tiny balcony and I am growing some plants like avocados (no avocados yet), lemons (no lemons yet), pumpkins (no pumpkins yet) and mints. Some of my relatives still farming everyday for a living in China, Guangdong province. They grow bananas, canes, peanuts, potatoes, beans and lots of papayas. I deeply understand and respect the effort they put in the farm. Honestly, I haven’t had many experiences of being a farmer or gardener. Whenever I can, I make the most of it, and these are the things I have learnt from it so far.

Transformation takes load of time and patience to see, sometimes...luck!

I grew my first and only cucumber from a seed last year. It took me 4 months to believe it. I was lucky enough to discover GrowingSmartHK. I attended the gardening workshop to learn about the possibilities of rooftop gardening in urban city, as well as the basic knowledge of gardening. We were about 15 people. We all had 2-3 cucumber seeds to bring home. I had two seeds and one of them gave me one palm-sized cucumber after 4 months of watering, caring, hand pollinating and waiting. I met 4 others who came to the workshop and they all claimed their cucumber plant died in the first two weeks or have the insects eaten it.

Was it because I am a greenfinger or because of the effort that I put in? For though who haven’t seen the transformation. Plant a new seed and see what happens.

Gardening offers me the chances to ask why and being curious

I did a lot of research every stage of the plant. I always wanted to have the best answer to every situations. You must have that confusion when you see a dying plant. Is it too less water? Is it the sun too strong? Did I not putting it in a right place? Was is the temperature too cold or hot? Yes, I know and I’ve asked all of these questions. Even though I am not a scientist, I know what dose a plant needs. A healthy plant is obvious when you see the bushy and green leaves. However, it is also valuable to navigate what had happened when you see a not so healthy plant. By trying different and many ways, I feel like it is an experiment for me.

I am carrying the farmer blood

My mom knows I picked up farming recently.

I told her that I was volunteering in an organic farm. And then the week after, she called me and was asking me what I was going to do in the weekend. She guessed it right. I was going to farm again.

I found it contradictory to say I want to be a farmer. I know my family tried so hard to change the fact that they are farmers and the hands are the only tools they are skilled. They would rather do ‘’something else ‘’ like a driver, a teacher, a salesperson or a doctor if they have a choice. However for me, farming is ‘’something else’’. I enjoy so much when I dig my hands into the soil. Every steps of learning leads me to my goal one day...